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10 best fashion finds on Amazon to flaunt this new year

With the new year and Christmas around the corner, there can only be one constant thought in all our minds, “what should I be wearing?”, right? Worry not! I have got you sorted for the coming two events and you can relax now. *Wink* So, what do I have here? I have the 10 best fashion finds on Amazon for ya to flaunt this new year. Ready to have a look! Let’s just jump right into it. Our 10 Best Fashion Finds I have a habit of shopping way before…

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Documentary on Arvind Kejriwal News 

Journey Till Now: Watch the Compelling Trailer of Documentary on Arvind Kejriwal

The fact that there are two sides of a story everytime is so true. The fact that some bad deeds overpower the significant good deeds. The fact that people very easily tend to forget what others have done for them. And this thing much applies for our beloved or not so much, the Cheif Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal – the man. The man who fought some years back for the implementation of the RTI Act, for which he then even won the Ramon Magsaysay award. Mamy of us still…

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Man Masturbates at 23-Year Old Girl News 

Shocking: Man Masturbates at 23-Year Old Girl in Mumbai Local

Even when we are trying to make efforts to make this society a bit eligible for the women to live in,  every other day some incidents happen that shake our belief and question our society’s morality.  These questions without any doubt come up every day if still, the women are safe in our claimed open broad-minded society. When will there be a day that we shall not hear that a woman has not been harassed or raped or abused or have not been through domestic violence. When will it happen…

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Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya Breaking News 

Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya Creates Guinness World Record by holding 22 Lit Candles in his Mouth

Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya: Guinness World Record Maker from Mumbai Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya belongs to Mumbai and he has created a new Guinness World Record for holding 22 lit candles in his mouth at a time. He is a teacher by profession in Mumbai. He has not done such a thing for the first time. He has done such things earlier also. Let me tell you he holds multiple records. In the year 2014 also he won a title for eating the maximum grapes in a minute.  Another title he won for…

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Jio Phone explodes in Kashmir Breaking News 

Reliance Jio Phone explodes in Kashmir : Reports | Jio Says It’s Intentional Sabotage

Jio Phone explodes in Kashmir According to the recent news report, the Reliance Jio Phone explodes in Kashmir while the person was charging the mobile phone. The Reliance Jio 4G phone was much awaited by customers as the company is offering so many features and excellent services at a very low-cost price. Phone Radar is the tech blog which has first shown the news – Reliance Jio Phone explodes in Kashmir. They are the first one to share the images of the exploded mobile phone Jio 4G. There are 2…

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Wanna Know Cool Nicknames of Indian Cricketers ? Check Them Here

Indian Cricket Team – Men  in Blue Indian Cricket team players have a great boding amongst themselves. They can be heard calling each other with different names during the match. We all have our nicknames at home. And some of us have a very funny one. Something like Kaku, Chandu, and Sonu… Do you know the Nicknames of Indian Cricketers ? No right? Yeah, the Indian Cricketers also have some cool nicknames. Some of these names have been given by other team members and they love to call them by these names. While…

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Taj Mahal a Blot on Indian Culture News 

The Taj Mahal of Controversies | ‘Taj Mahal a Blot on Indian Culture’ : BJP MLA

 “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” What comes to mind when we talk about the famous,  the pride of India,  the everlasting beauty-Taj Mahal? Obviously, our mind gets surrounded by the images of its serene beauty,  its well-crafted work, the amount of recognition and pride that it has brought to our country. From the time when it was built in the 17th century, it has consistently been the center of attraction and people all over the world has admired it for its amazing design and features.    …

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Delhi Pollution Level News 

Delhi Pollution Level: Alarming Results

Delhi Pollution Level: Reports and Details Oh, Delhi!  Didn’t you disappoint us again?   Well, we all know how the latest surveys had shown that it is not really safe now to breathe in the capital of India- Delhi.  The content of pollutants has so increased in the air of city that people now have become prone to several diseases.  Even the children have to suffer from such chronic diseases that were not be expected even at the age of 60 some few years back. Today, in this post we…

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How To Stay Fit and Healthy Health and Fitness 

How To Stay Fit and Healthy : Life is a Blessing

Health: The Real Wealth How To Stay Fit and Healthy:    ‘Health is Wealth‘ is a very famous proverb! And yes, this proverb is absolutely correct. Money is important for this materialistic world and desires but to enjoy your hard earned money, you need to be healthy. You may collect a lot of money, can become super rich but if your body is not healthy then this money may be of no use to you. To enjoy life in real terms you need to have a healthy body as well…

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How to Celebrate Diwali in 2017 in a better Way

Diwali: The Most Awaited Festival of the Year Deepawali:   Doesn’t the festival of ‘Diwali‘ always bring moments of joy and happiness every time? It has been one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated with so much love and enthusiasm by people that include those too that belong to different religions. It is the day that when people come together to celebrate this charismatic festival. But due to increasing damage to the environment, it’s time that we know that the old-fashioned ways of ours of celebrating Diwali have to be left…

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