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What is That One Thing Which Changed Your Perspective Towards Life


In life, at times there are these defining moments that change the way you look at life and the way you perceive people. All through life, one keeps believing in something but then these defining moments open a new path in one’s life and change how they had seen things earlier. After all, it is life and the word  ‘life’ is complete in itself define its meaning. 


One Thing Which Changed Your Perspective Towards Life

I remember when that evening very clearly. It was a casual evening like every other day when I was heading back home from the market but then what happened has made it everlasting in my memory. I had heavy packets with me and so I stopped on my way to get some rest. I sat on a bench from where I could enjoy the view of the setting sun. Just I was leaving to go back home as soon it would have gone dark, I was stopped by a quivering voice.


You should sit back and enjoy more moments like these. You never know when can they be your last ones. I turned to look back and there was this old man that had come and sat on the same bench. Then I looked around and said, sorry Sir? Is it me you are talking to? Yes, he nodded. We all should take time and live in these simple short moments. These are exactly those moments that give you peace and let you know that something is always bigger than your worries. Perplexed by how a stranger suddenly wanted to convey to me the philosophical meaning of life and then me wanting to go back home, I said; absolutely Sir. You are right. I hope you are enjoying this view. Just as I turned back, he started again. ‘


Old man watching sunset in mountains


60 years, it has been more than 60 years that I have been living in this town and this is still my favourite spot, he said. I have retired 10 years before and still, I often make my way to over here. Calm, serene, beautiful, isn’t it. This view, he said looking at me. Yes, yes, sir. It is, I stammered. Oh, I hope I am not disturbing you. Its just I like talking to you, I mean younger kids like you. Full of zeal, energy, hopes, seeming to live a  breathtaking life. Amazing. You should enjoy this period more. You won’t have much of this time. Soon, you will be stuck amongst the strands of responsibility, maturity and all the factors that society tells you to learn because it supposedly makes you fit to be like all others over here. 


You know, I had met my wife over here. Love at first sight, he blushed. Really, I asked enthusiastically. Yes. I had thought that day only that I would marry this girl or won’t marry at all. Somehow I could not just leave and this old man had made me get involved in what he has been saying. What can really happen in another 10 minutes, I told myself. May I, I asked him while pointing at the bench asking if I could sit with him. Of course. He shifted a bit to his side making a seat for me. So did you? I asked him. Pardon? I mean, did you marry her then? Haha, oh. Yes, yes. 55 years of a happy marriage. No kids though.


You never had any? I asked promptly realizing later that was very noisy of me. No. We had adopted two dogs and a cat. Lovely, all of them.

No less than a small notorious child, he answered with a cute smile across his face. You see, I have y come here whenever I needed to find some answers or just needed to let go of something. There was no bench back then but now thankfully, there is one on which I can sit for hours and just look at the setting sun and just enjoy the scenic beauty. So you and your wife live alone, I asked. No, I live alone now. She passed away two years ago. She fell sick, fought till last after all loved me so much that she was worried about how would I be alone without her. So I told her, I am way too tired of you now. Give me some free time too. Soon I will come back to you on the other side.

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He said all this so joyfully, however, the sad eyes did tell a different story. I am so sorry to hear that. Oh, no. It’s okay. I have come here to let go now. Her?, I asked. No. Myself. He then smiled. I do not understand. This old body is also tired and how has developed cancer so soon I have to go to the other side. So I have come here to enjoy some last moments of my life dear. And thank you, my child, for peacefully listening to this old man talking about his own life and his own thoughts out of nowhere. God bless you my child and I hope you live a happy long life. I now should get going. This man walks very slow, haha. See you.


He then got up, blessed me and started walking away. I kept sitting on the bench wondering how easy it is for any of us to walk past someone but then how important it is to realize how each of us have a story to tell.  So, this incident was something that changed my perspective towards life. Now, I try to enjoy each and every moment of life. I try to be more happy than earlier and consider life as a blessing. 

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