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Beauty and MakeUp Tips by Sonam Lakhani – MyHauteLife

INTRO I’m Sonam Lakhani, founder of, a fashion and lifestyle blog featuring latest style trends, beauty reviews, exotic travel locations and the latest hotspots in the city. A Makeup Look for every occasion With the festive season right around the corner the pressure of dressing up and looking flawless is rising too. But ladies, let this not stress you at all. I have found the most amazing solution to it. A makeup looks best suited for all sorts of occasions, it could be a brunch, lunch with girls, dinner…

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Love and Relationships 

10 qualities about a Man that truly make him Attractive for any Woman

When a woman falls in love with a man,  it is because she sees someone who has that kind of traits and behavior that she wishes to see in her partner. But how can you be that man who can be attractive to women? What are those traits to be attractive? However, there is more to being attractive than just having six-pack abs, Right? Looking a certain way isn’t the only thing that women want from them, there are more things that women desire and how to be a good…

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Manushi Chillar Fashion and Lifestyle News 

Manushi Chillar was crowned Miss World 2017

Manushi Chillar: The Beauty Queen Finally yesterday, after 17 years when now renowned and loved the global actor, Priyanka Chopra was crowned with the Miss World title, Miss India Manushi Chillar now has won the coveted beauty title. Her father Dr. Mitra Basu Chilar is a scientist in DRDO (Defence Research Development Organization) and her mother is an Associate Professor and also the Department Head of NeuroChemistry. She has really made her parents proud.    Manushi Chillar: Wiki Manushi Chillar, who is from Haryana, was bestowed the title at the…

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no mr nice guy Love and Relationships Young Gen Topics 

No More Mr Nice Guy | The Problem With Mr Nice Guy

No More Mr Nice Guy Just do a simple internet search regarding relationship advice or best guy to date and you will find a thousand different tips about how to seduce people or how to catch the attention of people you are interested in, and how to get another person to be interested in you or how to be more attractive. The constant problem, however, is that people talk about having in these articles is the “nice guy problem.” They do everything right in their possibility – they are respectful…

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Record-breaking human QR code Breaking News 

China creates Record-breaking human QR code with the help of 25000 Students

China has been known for breaking so many world records and it has yet created another one. With over 2500 students, China has formed the Record-breaking human QR code. For the record-breaking attempt to form a 51-meter-long and 51-meter-wide figure, students had taken help from the umbrellas — which was one white and other one was a peach to form this variation and the coded pattern. The attempt was also filmed in Zhengzhou, Central China’s Henan province.   Record-breaking human QR code We all know about QR codes and how…

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How Being Single Can be Lucky Love and Relationships 

How Being Single Can be Lucky for You: A Must Read Post for All the Singles

How Being Single Can be Lucky Sometimes We know it does sound a bit odd but one might actually be lucky that you haven’t met ‘the one’ yet but in certain cases,  it actually seems very appropriate. You see when we find the one we have been looking for, our life changes and takes a turn around. It sees its goals changing, indulging yourself in activities with your partner and all.  You get close to a person who becomes your whole world. But one fact also can not be denied…

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Love and Relationships Young Gen Topics 

Do you Love Her or Like Her? Confused, The Difference between Liking and Loving Someone

The Confusion of Loving or Liking Someone!! What happens when we like someone? If there is anything that you happens to be attracted to, you two come closer, the attractions increases,  you tend to like them. And with time if everything goes okay, you both fall in love with each other. But what is to notice over here is that there is a fine line between actually being in love and just liking someone. We often mistake that feeling to liking someone to being in love and that’s where our…

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Fashion and Lifestyle 

Denimoholic: The Infinite Love for Denim

I was never a fan of denim..until recently! Denim has made a huge comeback. Many celebrities are spotted in double denim look. Usually, people prefer wearing double denim with different shades of denim, because they don’t want a clash of shades. I agree to this but not completely, if you’re a total beginner, you can play with shades. And if you don’t want to, elevate your outfit with statement heels or tuxedo blazer. After all there are no rules for denim. I updated my wardrobe with denim this month and created four…

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Vikash Gupta or Shilpa Shinde Entertainment 

Big Boss: With Whom are you More Similar To? Vikas Gupta or Shilpa Shinde

Big Boss 11 Updates Vikash Gupta or Shilpa Shinde:   Well if you watch television and still do not know about Bigg Boss, well maybe you do not really watch television. After all, it is such popular show that has its 11th season currently going on. And this season has actually started with a bang.  The drama,  the emotions,  the fights that usually started in the 4th-5th week had already started in the very first weak. Popular television actors like Hina Khan and Hiten Tejwani has come into the show and…

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Top Rated TV series Entertainment 

5 Best TV Series that You Must Watch | Most Popular TV Series

Popular and Best TV Series  Best TV Series:   Well, are you one of those that can binge watch a whole show’s episodes in just one night? Well,  yes you then aren’t the only one?  But if you have this habit if watching the episodes or even seasons of a show in just one go, then also you would be left with not many options to watch many shows. So here we are to your rescue for letting you gave some more options to watch what show next after you have…

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