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10 qualities about a Man that truly make him Attractive for any Woman

When a woman falls in love with a man,  it is because she sees someone who has that kind of traits and behavior that she wishes to see in her partner. But how can you be that man who can be attractive to women? What are those traits to be attractive?

However, there is more to being attractive than just having six-pack abs, Right?

Looking a certain way isn’t the only thing that women want from them, there are more things that women desire and how to be a good man.

Here are 10 Top Qualities That a Man should possess and what a woman looks for in a man. Have a look:-

Top 10 Qualities a Man Should Possess

Qualities a Man Should Possess
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10 Qualities a Man Should Possess
  1. Never questioning a woman’s attire.

What you want to wear should be your choice entirely so it goes same for everyone else too. A real man would never ever have a problem and would never try to dictate what a woman should wear.

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  1. Respecting her career as much as he respects his own.

    Qualities a Man Should Possess
    img source: Tech Valley Connect      10 Qualities a Man Should Possess

Now that women are at par and does wonders too,  well with men when it comes to their careers, it’s high time that men do understand and respect her professional goals and ambitions like their own.

Qualities a Man Should Possess


  1. Not being afraid to express emotions.

Men are always told to hide their tears and keep their emotions to themselves and never say how they feel. However, women really appreciate those men who can express their emotions freely. And no, crying doesn’t make you any less of a man anyways.

The 9th one is really important!! :–


  1. Never judge a woman by her past.

Everyone has their own share of relationships and heartbreaks and past. And just like a man is allowed to have girlfriends, it’s also equally a woman’s right too to date men without being questioned about her character exactly like a man.

Qualities a Man Should Possess
10 Qualities a Man Should Possess
  1. Never asking a woman to do something he wouldn’t want to do himself

A man with double standards is actually the most unattractive thing about him. Don’t want to clean the dishes but expect her to do so, why because she is a woman??  Just not cool to anyone!


  1. Not confusing unnecessary aggression with manliness.

Is it the only way you can show your masculinity? Think again. Hitting someone or raising your voice be it a man or woman simply is a sign that something is wrong with you and your mentality.

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  1. Enjoying cooking a surprise meal for the woman he loves.

    Qualities a Man Should Possess
    img source:  Marijuanabreak   10 Qualities a Man Should Possess

There’s nothing more romantic and cute than that of a man who can do that for his woman when she simply gets back home after a very hard day at work. And yes, she’ll certainly do the same for you too if you do it.


  1. Not getting insecure about her guy friends.

Trust is the foundation of every type of relationship. She had friends like you do and had before you came into her life. Is there a reason for her to leave them on your arrival? Would you do that too?  Would you ditch your friends too?


  1. Standing up for her in front of his parents.

Yes, they are your parents but then, she’s also someone important in your life, right? So take her side when needed. Don’t just take sides but also stand up for what’s right! Even if you got to fight for her.

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