Top 10 Football players of All times Sports 

10 Best Football Players of the World: Top Soccer Players [2018 ]

Football is one of the most loved games in the world. Though, Cricket is the  most favorite game in India but still you can easily find a lot of football fans here. Some people believe that it is much better to watch a football match than a cricket match because they think that a cricket match needs a lot of time to be devoted and not everyone has that much time in this fast pacing times. Though, there are lot of talented football players from various countries but today we…

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Cricketer Ashish Nehra Sports 

Legendary Cricketer Ashish Nehra | Read What he says for the Indian Cricket Team

Cricketer Ashish Nehra: Journey Till Now Cricketer Ashish Nehra:  It actually seems like another era has ended with India’s much loved and respected bowler- Ashish Nehra’s retirement. He took his retirement finally on Wednesday on November 1 just this past week. Having a career span of almost 18 years, the legendary era almost seemed to end. He has played his career among multiple captains from Sachin to Ganguly to Dhoni to Virat. Though he says that Saurav Ganguly was his most favourite captain. However, he had spent more time in…

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Wanna Know Cool Nicknames of Indian Cricketers ? Check Them Here

Indian Cricket Team – Men  in Blue Indian Cricket team players have a great boding amongst themselves. They can be heard calling each other with different names during the match. We all have our nicknames at home. And some of us have a very funny one. Something like Kaku, Chandu, and Sonu… Do you know the Nicknames of Indian Cricketers ? No right? Yeah, the Indian Cricketers also have some cool nicknames. Some of these names have been given by other team members and they love to call them by these names. While…

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