Back Lever Progression Exercises Health and Fitness 

Back Lever Progression Exercises and Benefits

BACK LEVER PROGRESSION 1. What is Calisthenics? Calisthenics comes from two Greek words “Kalos” and “Sthenos” which mean, Beauty & Strength. Calisthenics is a form of training using your own body weight with minimal equipment. You develop both strength, mobility and stability. Skills like the front lever, back lever, muscle up and human flag are typical calisthenics movements. Calisthenics training involves a bunch of bodyweight exercises, performed using no added weights which helps in increasing muscle mass, building strength, acquiring skills and achieving an aesthetic body. Calisthenics training can be…

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best Free Dating Apps Love and Relationships 

5 Best Dating Apps That You Must Check out if you are Single From Ages

Not everyone is lucky to find the right partner easily. There are many who strive to find the right partner for themselves. For a long relationship, a lot of things matter. Likes and dislikes matter a lot. Some people are contented even if they are single but some always long to find their right soulmate. So, if you too are single and looking for someone then you are at the right place. We will talk about the 5 best dating apps and how you can find the right person for…

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Best Street Foods of Old Delhi Food 

Best Street Foods in Delhi for Food Lovers [ Updated ]

BEST PLACES FOR STREET FOOD IN DELHI It is often said that the favourite thing of Delhites is food. While some of the food corners of Delhi are still famous worldwide for their special taste & flavours. There are many places around here where famous dishes made many years ago are still found today. Here all the food is prepared in a different way which people never forget their taste once eaten. Delhi has been attracting people from other states or other countries since the beginning due to its different and unique tastes.…

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horror places in Delhi Travel 

Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Delhi That are Worth a Visit

Ghosts and Paranormal activities have always been a subject of curiosity since ages. It becomes very difficult to confirm whether ghosts occur in this world or not, but on hearing the name of ‘ghost’, a wave of fear runs through the minds of almost everyone.  There are many stories of ghosts in many parts of our country, but in a fast-running city like the capital Delhi too, the ghosts stories and strange experiences are quite common… It is astonishing to think.  It is said that Delhi, the capital of the…

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How to make chocolate modaks Food 

Easy Modak Recipes for Ganpati Festival

                             Lord Ganesha is the most prominently featured in the Hindu pantheon and is the lord of things and is revered first in the relation before all others, this day marks his birth anniversary, Hindus across states in India rejoice the occasion with his favourite snack that he is known to love and this and depicted holding the Modak. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most loved festivals amongst all the other Indian festivals and one of our personal favourites. Celebrated Across all religions, this ten-days festival brings in so much…

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Sacred Games Season 2 Review Entertainment 

Sacred Games Season 2 Review

                         Netflix finally dropped the much-awaited Sacred Games Season 2 on 15th August midnight and it’s all sorts of dazzling. Based on the 2006 novel of the same name by Vikram Chandra, Sacred Games Season 1 was the first Indian Netflix Original and it set the bar high. The series was a refreshing watch based on the Mumbai underworld through the eyes of Ganesh Gaitonde, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui with all his brilliance. The story started where it left off. Sartaj had lost a thumb which keeps bleeding throughout the…

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Red Sauce Pasta Recipe Food 

Red Sauce Pasta Recipe: How to Make Tasty Pasta At Home [Step by Step ]

Red Sauce Pasta Recipe Red Sauce Pasta: Food brings people together on many different levels, from all around the world. And Pasta is one of the pure, rich and traditional Italian food which is much trendier than most international cuisine. Pasta is a pretty decent appetizer, also it’s a good low-fat source of carbohydrates. If it is a whole-grain or enriched, pasta is a good source of B Vitamins which are essential nutrients. It’s also low in sodium. There are many different techniques to cook pasta more delicious ways. Red sauce…

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Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date Bollywood 

Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date, Official Trailer and Plot

Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date The web-series tsunami is no more new to India. It came in and swept us along! Actors, Directors, Writers love it alike, as it has given such a broad creative space to explore their arts individually. They have become a whole another medium for film-makers to express!! Their length alone gives a deeper insight into everything.   Sacred Games Season 2 Release Date and Overview Netflix’s Web-series Sacred Games is one of the most popular and loved Indian series directed by Anurag Kashyap. The…

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How to make Dhokla at home Food 

Dhokla Recipe: How To Make Dhokla At Home [ Tasty & Healthy ]

  Dhokla : A Perfect Combination Of Health And Taste. Fermented food has recently become popular all over the world and in India too. If you like new tastes, then you try out our recipes and make at home. But do you know that some traditional Indian dishes also fermented? Don’t neglect it! There are numerous fermented food varieties in India and each dish has its own uniqueness and way of preparation. Most of these fermented foods are rich in fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins which are good for your…

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Best Body Lotions for Summers Health and Fitness 

Top 10 Body Lotions That You Must Try: Summer Special

  There are plenty of organic and eco-friendly skin care brands out there. But how many of them actually work? And how many of them aren’t insanely expensive? It has always been our mission to have healthy, concern-free skin care products that really work, all at an affordable price.   And now it’s a summer season and we know that air-conditioning is bad for our skin but we need it to keep us comfortable especially in this hot and humid climate. When skin is dehydrated and lost it’s moisture, it…

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