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Top 6 Reasons Why Relationship Fails: Best Relationship Advice


Why Relationship Fails

Falling in love is easy but maintaining the relationship is quite difficult nowadays. It looks very easy in the beginning but after some time, it slowly falls apart with each passing day. The failure of relationships has become one of the serious issues nowadays.

At some point, people wonder why things are not working out. Why situations become complicated to handle. But it is quite normal and natural.  We should understand the fact that relationships never remain same or constant forever, people changes with time. The person who you love or you marry never remains same. You might feel the change in their behavior and in their routine.


6 Common Reasons Why Relationships Fail

1.Trust and loyalty

Why do relationships fail due to lack of communication

Trust and loyalty are one of the major issues people face in the failure of any relationship. Trust plays a key role in relationships that holds people together. It takes a lot to earn and maintain trust in any relationship. No relationship survives for long without trust and loyalty. If you’re finding yourself constantly in the lookout, wanting to know every single step your partner makes or checking his phone to see who is he chatting with or who is he liking on social media then you’re not trusting & you’re entrapping yourself in a vicious cycle.


In addition to that, it is an indication that you are insecure about yourself. A key ingredient when you begin a relationship is setting boundaries that are workable for each other. If you are choosing to be in a monogamous relationship that means both are agreeing to trust & respect each other. Trust is something you give and something you earn. But when you give it you must give it freely &not with apprehensions.

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2.Lack of communication

Reasons why Relationships fails


Now the question is Why do relationships fail due to lack of communication?

A constant and healthy communication is very much important between the couple who are involved in a relationship. The busy schedule or a long distance in relationship can cause the time issues for communication. The proper way to communicate is to find time for each other and talk over daily stuff with your partner. For the stability of a long term relationship, working on communication skill is really important.


3. Compatibility issues – Some couples live together but they are not always compatible with each other. Hobbies and choices are always different of all people. According to a scientific law opposite attracts but sometimes it is quite complicated to hold the relationship of opposite together. Both partners involved in a relationship should always be ready to make adjustments and compromises to make relationship work.


4. Lack of time

Why Relationships Fails


To grow a healthy reationship, a proper time and efforts are required from both the sides. Spending quality time together can make any relationship strong. Make time for another, talk about things, the good or bad. Build trusts. Be honest, don’t expect change, appreciate the flaws, appreciate each other. Become best friends. Lastly, Love each other conditionally.


5. Anger Issues

Why Relationships Fail nowadays

When was the last time you and your spouse argued or he did something you didn’t like how did you feel about him? Were you in love with him at that moment? Imagine staying in that mindset for a longer period of time focusing on that thing he did wrong. Repeating it over and over in your mind.


And the ironic part is that the more you focus on that flaw the more flaws you’ll see. It will be like a spiraling event of negativity. Why? Because if you’re holding onto the wrongdoing your attitude towards your spouse will be full of resentment. No matter how many times he has said: “I’m sorry”. And then in return, all your spouse will see is someone who doesn’t love him and is constantly nagging or being bitter towards him.

Therefore your spouse responds by acting bitterly towards you. And will continue doing the things you don’t like. And the cycle goes on and on until someone breaks it by being the better person or the relationship falls apart altogether. That is if they realize what’s happening. And that’s the big challenge breaking the vicious cycle. That is why forgiveness is important in a relationship, just as owning to your faults. However, the most important thing above of all is to stay focused on the valuable qualities your partner has regardless of the flaws. Because that’s how you’ll keep the love alive


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6. Compromises – The most beautiful quality a person can have is the ability and will to compromise. To participate in as well as appreciate one another’s life passions is accepting each other’s differences with an unconditionally loving spirits. There could be unresolved issues throughout the relationship & it got to the point that it becomes unmanageable to deal with and so they see no other choice than to separate. The key is to find that middle ground where you will be okay with that ”difference” every time it arises. To learn, to let go and not hold on to the resentment forever. It takes a lot from the individual to let go of the ego. But it’s doable if you wish to achieve success in your relationship. Remember that!


So, these were the 6 main Reasons why Relationships fail. Hope you will learn something from the things shared above. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest





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