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Do you Love Her or Like Her? Confused, The Difference between Liking and Loving Someone

The Confusion of Loving or Liking Someone!!

What happens when we like someone? If there is anything that you happens to be attracted to, you two come closer, the attractions increases,  you tend to like them. And with time if everything goes okay, you both fall in love with each other. But what is to notice over here is that there is a fine line between actually being in love and just liking someone.

We often mistake that feeling to liking someone to being in love and that’s where our expectations rise that somehow then leads to breaking our own hearts in the future times and we give up on love. you really need to know, What is Love ?

So how we know the difference between actually loving someone and just liking someone? Well to your rescue, here we are to tell you how to tell if you really like someone or are in love with them. We will tell you the clear difference between Difference between love and like !

In this Post: 

  • The Difference between Liking and Loving
  • What is Love
  • How to Know if you Love her or Like her

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How to Know that You Like or Love Someone ?

Difference between Liking and Loving a Person

  1. Yours or their happiness

When you like someone you try your best to make them like you back.  You make efforts that can make them get attracted to you.  You do all these efforts,  you do all these things so that he or she can like them back and if they do like you back, you are on the 7th sky.  Because it makes you so happy.

But if you truly loving someone, you do not force it. Even if staying away from them it takes. Their happiness shall always come first if takes them being miles away from you.  Selflessness is what it is called, it is actually the other name of love.  See,  that’s the basic difference between liking someone and loving someone. Keeping their happiness in front of ours is the basic key that separates the feeling of likeness and the love.

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  1. Permanent vs. Temporary

The Difference between Liking and Loving
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You can like you many people in your life but when you fall in love with a person, it only can happen once in a lifetime. There can so many people that you can crush upon, get attracted to and so like someone. It’s actually the physical attraction over there because someone’s look or attracts you to that person.

But when you fall in love with someone, it takes more than someone’s looks or activates.

You fall for someone’s soul and that is the most beautiful indescribable feeling in the whole world. And because the money can get over one day,  the looks can get scarred one day but the soul shall always be the same no matter what.

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  1. Faith over Trust

    The Difference between Liking and Loving

When you like someone, you trust them. You feel that you can trust them and can share some of your feelings. You try to keep doing the things that can make each other happy but are in fear that one day,  your relationship can get tormented. Back of your mind,  you still think somewhere that maybe you get cheated on maybe these things won’t remain the same as today.

But when you love someone, faith is what you have in each other. Faith is what strongly holds your relationship through thick and thin. Faith means that no matter what, you won’t ever stop believing in both of you and your relationship. It means that no jealousy, no misunderstanding can ever come in between your way and can never break you two in the worst of times.


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