Back Lever Progression Exercises Health and Fitness 

Back Lever Progression Exercises and Benefits

BACK LEVER PROGRESSION 1. What is Calisthenics? Calisthenics comes from two Greek words “Kalos” and “Sthenos” which mean, Beauty & Strength. Calisthenics is a form of training using your own body weight with minimal equipment. You develop both strength, mobility and stability. Skills like the front lever, back lever, muscle up and human flag are typical calisthenics movements. Calisthenics training involves a bunch of bodyweight exercises, performed using no added weights which helps in increasing muscle mass, building strength, acquiring skills and achieving an aesthetic body. Calisthenics training can be…

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How To Stay Fit and Healthy Health and Fitness 

How To Stay Fit and Healthy : Life is a Blessing

Health: The Real Wealth How To Stay Fit and Healthy:¬† ¬† ‘Health is Wealth‘ is a very famous proverb! And yes, this proverb is absolutely correct. Money is important for this materialistic world and desires but to enjoy your hard earned money, you need to be healthy. You may collect a lot of money, can become super rich but if your body is not healthy then this money may be of no use to you. To enjoy life in real terms you need to have a healthy body as well…

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