How To Stay Fit and Healthy Health and Fitness 

How To Stay Fit and Healthy : Life is a Blessing

Health: The Real Wealth How To Stay Fit and Healthy:    ‘Health is Wealth‘ is a very famous proverb! And yes, this proverb is absolutely correct. Money is important for this materialistic world and desires but to enjoy your hard earned money, you need to be healthy. You may collect a lot of money, can become super rich but if your body is not healthy then this money may be of no use to you. To enjoy life in real terms you need to have a healthy body as well…

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Mental Health Awareness Health and Fitness 

September: The Month of Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness In the increasing time of stress, anxiety, mental pressure, unknowingly over the years,  gradually the people have fallen prone to increasing level of mental health deterioration. People have been suffering for ages from the physical ailments but these days somehow mental diseases have seen to be occurring very often the people. But what’s more disturbing is that these mental issues actually have been seen more in the teenagers and mostly between the age group of 14-22. We all know how the times have changed.  Faster developments, greater…

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