Class 12th Student Suicide Breaking News News 

Mohali: Class 12th Student Commits Suicide | The Reason is Really Shocking

Class 12th Student Suicide Apart from Nirav Modi and Bollywood Gupshups, there is something which needs more attention of ours and is a matter of concern. Did you guess it? No? It’s the young school and college students committing suicide to end their precious lives. One such incident has come up from Mohali where the guilt of not performing well took the life of a bright student. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), a student ends up his life and commit suicide every year. And the stats are…

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Nirav Modi Net Worth Breaking News News 

Diamond Jewellery Designer Nirav Modi : The Man Behind the Biggest Banking Fraud

Neerav Modi is the founder and creative director of Nirav Modi diamond jewellery outlets in India. According to report, he is responsible for the biggest Banking fraud. Last month Nirav Modi was raided because he and his associates are believed to dupe a government bank, the Punjab National Bank of Rs. 11, 400 crores.  Source. News Channels and media websites are filled up with the news and updates of Nirav Modi bank fraud news. Punjab National bank is the second biggest bank in India. It is being said that he took the…

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Common Card for Metro and DTC buses: Trial Starts on Monday

New Delhi:   Delhi Government is working on a new idea to make your travel in Delhi more comfortable and simple. Now commuters will be able to use the same Metro card to travel in DTC buses of Delhi. Delhi Govt has started a project which will allow commuters to merge the Delhi Metro and DTC buses travel. Right now this thing will work on a trial basis. The trial will be started from Monday onwards.   The government aims to provide a common mobility card for the DTC buses and…

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Mumbai Kamala Mills Fire Breaking News News 

Mumbai Kamala Mills Fire: Celebrations turned Tragic in Kamala Mills Fire

Mumbai Rooftop Pub Fire:  Life is unpredictable! Nobody had imagined that a moment of happiness and celebrations will turn into a sad tragedy. More than a dozen people have died in Mumbai Kamala Mills Fire ‘s popular Rooftop Pub. There is no confirmation yet as to how the fire broke out suddenly. But sources say that the flames aggravated by a false ceiling of the rooftop pub. The ceiling was made up of dry bamboo which is inflammable in nature.   15 Killed in Mumbai Kamala Mills Fire Mumbai Rooftop…

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Manushi Chillar Fashion and Lifestyle News 

Manushi Chillar was crowned Miss World 2017

Manushi Chillar: The Beauty Queen Finally yesterday, after 17 years when now renowned and loved the global actor, Priyanka Chopra was crowned with the Miss World title, Miss India Manushi Chillar now has won the coveted beauty title. Her father Dr. Mitra Basu Chilar is a scientist in DRDO (Defence Research Development Organization) and her mother is an Associate Professor and also the Department Head of NeuroChemistry. She has really made her parents proud.    Manushi Chillar: Wiki Manushi Chillar, who is from Haryana, was bestowed the title at the…

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Documentary on Arvind Kejriwal News 

Journey Till Now: Watch the Compelling Trailer of Documentary on Arvind Kejriwal

The fact that there are two sides of a story everytime is so true. The fact that some bad deeds overpower the significant good deeds. The fact that people very easily tend to forget what others have done for them. And this thing much applies for our beloved or not so much, the Cheif Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal – the man. The man who fought some years back for the implementation of the RTI Act, for which he then even won the Ramon Magsaysay award. Mamy of us still…

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Man Masturbates at 23-Year Old Girl News 

Shocking: Man Masturbates at 23-Year Old Girl in Mumbai Local

Even when we are trying to make efforts to make this society a bit eligible for the women to live in,  every other day some incidents happen that shake our belief and question our society’s morality.  These questions without any doubt come up every day if still, the women are safe in our claimed open broad-minded society. When will there be a day that we shall not hear that a woman has not been harassed or raped or abused or have not been through domestic violence. When will it happen…

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Taj Mahal a Blot on Indian Culture News 

The Taj Mahal of Controversies | ‘Taj Mahal a Blot on Indian Culture’ : BJP MLA

 “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” What comes to mind when we talk about the famous,  the pride of India,  the everlasting beauty-Taj Mahal? Obviously, our mind gets surrounded by the images of its serene beauty,  its well-crafted work, the amount of recognition and pride that it has brought to our country. From the time when it was built in the 17th century, it has consistently been the center of attraction and people all over the world has admired it for its amazing design and features.    …

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Delhi Pollution Level News 

Delhi Pollution Level: Alarming Results

Delhi Pollution Level: Reports and Details Oh, Delhi!  Didn’t you disappoint us again?   Well, we all know how the latest surveys had shown that it is not really safe now to breathe in the capital of India- Delhi.  The content of pollutants has so increased in the air of city that people now have become prone to several diseases.  Even the children have to suffer from such chronic diseases that were not be expected even at the age of 60 some few years back. Today, in this post we…

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Delhi Metro Rail News 

Delhi Metro Rail increased fares : a misery to Aam Aadmi

Delhi Metro Rail Price Hike The Delhi Metro Rail increased fares has added the misery ‘s in Aam Aadmi’s life. Is it fair? DELHI METRO RAIL CORPORATION(DMRC) has always remained in a limelight since it came into existence. It is one of the convenient modes of transport for us and the massive mob. Delhi Metro is the largest network that carries around 2.8 million people every day. But, the latest hike in the fares has shaken the grounds of millions of people. However, this resulted in the stiff opposition from…

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