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Hi-Tech Cheating Gang Caught by UP Police, Used Spy Mics for Answers

Hi-Tech Cheating Gang

Cheating cases coming up in public exams is not a new thing but cheaters nowadays are coming up with hi-tech skills to fool the authorities. One such incident has come up in Uttar Pradesh where the police have caught a gang, a cheating mafia gang who used Hi-tech Spying Mics to tell answers to candidates sitting in exam center. Fourteen people of the gang have already been arrested by the UP Police but they are still searching for the mastermind of the gang. 11 people have been arrested from Gorakhpur, and 3 from Allahabad.


Hi-Tech Cheating Gang caught by UP Police

The 14 people involved in the gang has been arrested just a day before 2 major public sector exams. The gang charged 5 lakhs per person to help them in the exam. Police have found 4 lakh cash and around 12-13 ID cards from them. Their process was that one person from the exam hall will share the questions with those who wait outside and they will solve the questions and will send the answers back with the help of a spy mic. You will be shocked to know that one of those who have been arrested holds a law degree. They had divided the work among themselves. It was decided that few of them will interact with the students, will agree them for money and will keep record of the money and others will solve the questions.

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After this case, police have increased its security and round checks are going on in the exam centers which are being most doubted. The Government is also planning to blacklist those centers where copying and cheating happens to the maximum extent. Earlier also many exams have been cancelled due to the hi-tech cheating tricks used by candidates. In the Rajasthan police Constable examination, cases of computer hacks came up. It also came to the light that biometric identity was cloned.


So, what do you think? What all measures should be taken by the government to ensure fair examinations??

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  2. I am shocked to hear this news. how people find out different ways to cheat.

    1. admin

      Yeah, this is true Saksham. There are a lot of tech tools which helps you to cheat in exams but this practice should be prohibited and students should be thoroughly checked before allowing them to enter the examination hall.

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