12 Reasons why Couples end up their marriage into Divorce

Divorce: The Last Choice

Divorce is not an activity or process which happens suddenly, it develops over a period of time. Couples take things for granted and end it up in divorce. The end of marriage results in the emotional turmoil. A long time is taken by the couples to end their mutual -bond and when it is ended, it may lead to isolation. Here are the 12 reasons why couples end up their marriage.


12 Top Reasons why Couples end up their marriage

Reasons why Couples end up their marriage
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1. Expectations
When two people get married, they expect certain things from each other in the relationship. Sometimes their expectation and thinking doesn’t match with each other, so as a result, they stop communicating with each other and distance themselves.

2. No communication
Communication is not about chatting or talking with each other. It is about understanding and learning about each other. This is one of the reasons why Divorce happens.

Reasons why Couples end up their marriage
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3. Distinct personalities
Both of you may be perfect in your fields, but share nothing in common. At the end of the day, both find divorced with each other.

4. Money
Money has two phases which can make life better or make pathetic. They may be dissatisfied with their spouse earnings or any certain investment in marriage.

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5. Sexual interests

Reasons why Couples end up their marriage
Reasons why Couples end up their marriage

Sex plays a fundamental role in the institution of marriage. As the relationship develops, the desire for sexual intercourse arose. One partner may enjoy it and other may find boring.

6. Priorities change
Priorities change over a period of time. Don’t expect your partner to remain same forever. Have a conversation with each other.

7. Different cultural backgrounds
People belonging to different religions and beliefs may seem normal in the beginning but as the relationship develops. Fights occur on simple issues which create havoc in the mutual bond. This is one of the top reasons for divorce between couples.

8. Insecurity and jealousy
Jealousy is the green-eyed monster which kills the relationship. Over the time, it grows and crawls like a worm in the heart.

Trust is a vital part of a healthy marriage. A partner may find a suspicious behavior when the other partner is talking to a friend or meeting her/him regularly.

10. Dominating relationships
In marriage, when your partner is trying to control you in any manner. It led to a fight and thus ending a marriage.

11. Infidelity
When a partner finds someone more interesting than their spouse. He/she may try to cheat on her/his personal desires.

12. Less excitement
In the relationship, both the partners may act as a friend to each other but not as lovers. There is no passion in their marriage. After some time, they decided not to live together.

A divorce is a scar which cannot be healed if once happen. It affects the lives of both individuals. Try to rebuild your relationship once more and do share the post among your friends.

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