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The Best Era of Love: 90’s and What is Love in Today’s Era

The True Meaning of Love

What comes to mind when we talk about love- that unexplainable homely feeling that makes you have butterflies in your tummy.  That feeling that stands apart from all the feelings in the world.  The same feeling that people once do feel in their lives. This feeling of love is what bounds all humans.  This feeling of love is what that connects two different humans,  sometimes poles apart in their nature to be together for a lifetime and cherish each other lifelong.


Difference between Today’s Love and 90’s Era Love

But in these modern days, where life is speeding at unknown fast pace, somehow the feeling of love has become hollow. People more than the touch of the soul desires for the physical touch. People these days are unable to know how in those old days where no cell phones existed, how true love developed among them. How just by the mere sight of their lover, they could spend their whole day thinking about that one exchange of a glance, one mere touch of the hand that made their heartbeats run do fast. That how those letters-those beautiful handwritten letters were secretly hidden from everyone and every written word meant a whole world.  Wasn’t, therefore, the era of 90’s love the best among all? Wasn’t it?

90’s Era of Love

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If you believe that in the times of 90’s love held a deeper and a more beautiful meaning,  we couldn’t agree more with you. It was in those old days that people understood what in real life love meant.  It wasn’t about the physical love or even spending all day together.  It was about seizing the moments and making them yours. In the era where no cell phones existed,  no texting or sending friend’s request over facebook existed, in those beautiful times,  handwritten letters or secret messages made the love survive and conquer all difficulties and rise above all. It was in that old era where a short hidden conversation over the long-chord telephone and that too mostly through std’s took place.  And don’t talk about the time when the heartbeat raced like an Olympian competing in the running tracks on one exchange of glance with the lover.

90’s Era of Love

It isn’t like such love does not exist today but people have mostly forgotten how it really feels to be in love when your soul too feels joy.  Because the technology now has taken over that verbal deep conversation,  somehow we have failed to connect to the souls and telling how much we are in love with someone. It isn’t that love has failed to develop in this generation, it just somehow the generation has lost that sensual soothing touch of being in love with another soul. And so the 90’s ear of love has become an inspiration as well as an example for all the current lovers for no love like the 90’s have existed and so the era of the 90’s love is the best.

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What we need to actually do is to bring back innocence once found in love in the era of 90’s. These days actually the word love has just become a mere word,  it has lost the whole meaning behind it. Back in those days,  when you were in love, you could have fought the whole world and now people talk so bad about those they were once in love with.  So we need to actually realize how deep the meaning of this word is and learn to love again like back in the 90’s.

This was Manavta Kaundinya here to talk about the True Meaning of Love and the 90’s Era of Love. Share what you feel in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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