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10 Best Valentines Day GIF: Free Download

Valentines Day GIF     14 February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day in India and many other countries. Valentines Day is celebrated in the name of true love and bonding. Love is something we all crave for. It is a natural feeling and we all look to find out our soulmate in this world. Couples eagerly wait for this special day. On the eve of Valentines Day, they buy gifts, chocolates, teddy bears, candies and various other gifts for their loving valentines. Lovers send Valentine’s Day SMS, Valentine’s Day Whatsapp messages, Valentines…

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Reasons why Couples end up their marriage Relationships 

12 Reasons why Couples end up their marriage into Divorce

Divorce: The Last Choice Divorce is not an activity or process which happens suddenly, it develops over a period of time. Couples take things for granted and end it up in divorce. The end of marriage results in the emotional turmoil. A long time is taken by the couples to end their mutual -bond and when it is ended, it may lead to isolation. Here are the 12 reasons why couples end up their marriage.   12 Top Reasons why Couples end up their marriage 1. Expectations When two people get…

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