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Top 10 Body Lotions That You Must Try: Summer Special


There are plenty of organic and eco-friendly skin care brands out there. But how many of them actually work? And how many of them aren’t insanely expensive? It has always been our mission to have healthy, concern-free skin care products that really work, all at an affordable price.


And now it’s a summer season and we know that air-conditioning is bad for our skin but we need it to keep us comfortable especially in this hot and humid climate. When skin is dehydrated and lost it’s moisture, it will starts to look dull, patchy, flaky and old too. So we’re bringing up the top 10 body lotions for you to try on this summer. We have also shared best body moisturisers for very dry skin.

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  1. Nivea Nourishing Body Lotion.

best body lotions for summers

We have always struggled with our very dry skins, its appearance is always dull and would never look hydrated by itself. Adding Nivea nourishing body lotion in your daily routine can completely change your skin. It restores the damaged skin moisture barrier. It hydrates from within, it’s more luminous, plump, youthful and dewy (any dry skin craves, dewiness). The star ingredient is that can be obtained only in small amounts from ultra-shielding cultivation and cold brew extract. Rich in amino acids, this formula helps reinforce the skin moisture barrier, making dry and sensitive skin appear healthier. The texture is very milky and absorbs in very quickly, it’s suitable for every skin type, even sensitive ones. The lotion comes in a plastic bottle which is very fine and beautiful. It’s perfect for refreshing the skin or apply over makeup for a dewy and glowy finish.


  1. Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion

best body lotions for women

We have always had dry skin and the biggest struggles have always been to keep the skin hydrated, nourished, to make it look bright, luminous or to achieve that glow we are all dreaming of. This is the reason why we look for the richest formulas, the most nourishing or the richest and most powerful lotions! which is useful to keep the skin smooth, plump, nourished and bright. It gives the most beautiful healthy glow. You can simply apply it on clean skin during morning and evening, skincare routine should be the first step, taking a small amount of lotion

on the palms and gently spread and pat the product onto the skin.



  1. Dove Essential Nourishment body lotion

best body lotions for summer season

The Dove essential nourishment body lotion is very lightweight and fast absorbing. It leaves no white residue, layers well with other skincare and makeup, and doesn’t leave the skin feeling congested or cause it to break out. It’s also suitable for all skin types and doesn’t sting any sensitive eyes. This will help to replenish and prolong moisture and hydration retention. The Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion is lightweight, smooth, non-greasy and it’s mainly suitable for day use. Its regular use will help to maintain skin hydration, boost skin radiance, and reduce the dry lines.


  1. Pond’s Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Body Lotion

best body lotions for dry skin

A Great Barrier Relief, a lotion that is supposed to be a press reset button for your natural skin barrier which carries soothing properties. Its key ingredients are vitamin B3, vitamin E and vitamin C, which is believed to help discoloration, sun damage, acne scars and pigmentation;  all these three vitamins are rich in antioxidants and healthy acid with nourishing properties. It’s such a hydrating formula, non greasy, lightweight, which absorbs quickly and leaves the skin looking healthy. It immediately shows how it soothes redness and irritation.


  1. Parachute advanced Deep Nourish Body Lotion

 best body lotions for dry skin

It sounds like the perfect product oriented to all skin concerns and that is right, because GBR can be used for every skin type including the oily ones. As we all already know to struggle with desert dry skin, itching, redness as well as pigmentation and hormonal acne. This lotion is light in texture & soothes skin without having them greasy and sticky.

You can easily apply as many layers as you want and you’ll find your skin is hydrated. You can definitely have this as summer routine, keep it simple and this lotion is so effective.



  1. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Anti-Tan Body Lotion

best Body lotions for summer season

The consistency is of a thick lotion and it settles down within a few seconds. Lotus Herbal body lotion is very light on the skin, absorbs well and makes your skin nourished, which is what I usually look for in a Body Lotion. The fragrance is pleasantly natural as it is manufactured using natural ingredients. It lingers for a good amount of time which is impressive, as that makes you feel fresh and a very few body lotions can deliver these kind of results in terms of fragrance. It is enriched with all the perfect natural ingredients. It consists of natural Vitamin E. Overall, you will love the Body Lotion, as it hydrates the skin and absorbs perfectly well alongside from being free from all the harmful chemicals.



  1. Himalayas Herbals Aloe & Cucumber Refreshing Body Lotion

 Himalyas aloe aloe and Cucumber Body lotion

Aloe vera and cucumber extracts with rich herbal ingredients are your perfect summer prep partners! Their super silky formulas blend in immediately. Say bye-bye to sticky lotions and say hello to himalaya’s herbal aloe and cucumber refreshing body lotion. It’s a soothing firming body lotion with aloe and cucumber that helps with moisturising benefits. It prevents skin related infections, protects from sunburn, combating acne and pimples.



  1. Dove Glowing Ritual Body Care


An essential lotion for your grooming regime. This body lotion can be used as a makeup remover, in aromatherapy, makeup setting spray, soothe skin irritation, and hydrate the body to increase softness and radiance from head-to-toe. Made from essential oils, aloe Vera and rose water, soothes skin irritation, and hydrate the body to increase softness and radiance of face and body. It balances, hydrates, protects and refreshes skin, tightens pores, restores skin’s inner radiance. It can be used for all skin types and also it’s free from harmful chemicals.



  1. Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion

best body lotions for dry skin

A blurring & perfecting lotion that improves tone and softens imperfections for more flawless looking skin. It also evens out your hue without adding color and provides nourishing hydration. Enriched with Aloe Vera does not leave your Skin Dry. An Absolute Smooth Formula with instant absorption & hours of hydration. Enriched with Lotus Extracts. Super Nourishing milk keeps your skin hydrated with it’s weightless formula. The Body Butter Melts into your Skin, giving you hours & hours of nourishing Moisture. It has sweet and refreshing fragrance, is also lasts up to 6-8 hours & stimulates your senses n mood.



  1. Vaseline Healthy White Lightening Body Lotion

top 10 body lotions for girls

A huge part of our overall presentation, which is still often neglected by the modern women, is personal grooming. This means keeping your body, skin and hair in very good condition. A really good body lotion is a necessity for all with the dry skin type. We don’t go a day without moisturizing from head to toe. Vaseline line of body care products are perfect and amazing. They sink beautifully into your skin for deep, quenching hydration, leaving you glowing from head to toe. Vaseline healthy white lightening body lotions are very moisturizing, It sinks into the skin and leaves absolutely no stickiness behind. You’ll love the scent too. It’s very mild and refreshing. Not only it does hydrates the skin, but it also improves the look and tone of it.




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