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Mumbai Kamala Mills Fire: Celebrations turned Tragic in Kamala Mills Fire

Mumbai Rooftop Pub Fire:  Life is unpredictable! Nobody had imagined that a moment of happiness and celebrations will turn into a sad tragedy. More than a dozen people have died in Mumbai Kamala Mills Fire ‘s popular Rooftop Pub. There is no confirmation yet as to how the fire broke out suddenly. But sources say that the flames aggravated by a false ceiling of the rooftop pub. The ceiling was made up of dry bamboo which is inflammable in nature.


15 Killed in Mumbai Kamala Mills Fire

Mumbai Rooftop Pub Fire: The saddest thing about the tragic incident is that there were was a young woman, ‘Khushboo Mehta’ who was celebrating her 28th birthday with her friends. We can imagine how hard it would have been for her family and relatives. A video is getting viral on the internet which is just before the incident took place. In that video, Khushboo Mehta, 28 was cutting a cake, she seemed to be very happy. She and her friends were laughing and enjoying. But they were totally unaware that their celebrations will turn into a sad tragedy.

Mumbai Rooftop Pub Fire
Khushboo Mehta celebrating her 28th birthday before the incident

Khushboo’s husband was waiting downstairs for her when the fire suddenly broke out. Situations were out of control before anyone could come in action. It is said that there were no proper arrangements of safety. This is something very irresponsible with the restaurant’s management. The restaurant had no fire extinguishers and proper things to put out the fire.

Mumbai Kamala Mills Fire
Mumbai Kamala Mills Fire

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It came to light that there were illegal structures too which aggravated the fire more. Firemen also said that there were no fire extinguishers in the restaurant. The birthday party was happening in “1 Above ” restaurant.  There were no fire exits and when the fire broke out it led to extreme suffocation which became the main cause of the deaths. It was hard to catch control on the fire and it took 3 hours to control the massive fire in Kamala Mills Complex. a police case had already been lodged against the restaurant as there were illegal structures which made the fire worse. Mumbai Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis called for an investigation of the incident and has ordered to take strict action against the officials.

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Sources say that around 15 people have died in the incident. Most of them are women who were in their 20s and 30s something. We know it can be very hard, but we would pray that God gives their families the strength to bear this sudden tragedy.

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