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How Your Relationship can Affect Your Sweet Friendships

The Value of a Good Friendship in our Life

The two most important relationships that we make in our lives that are not actually related to us by our blood or are not born with them are the friendships that we make and the people that we choose to fall in love. The friends that we make in our lives have a special bond with us. And with years, the friends become a part of not our lives only but a part of our family too. And then comes a person who once was a stranger in our lives and then become the most important part of our life.


But often when we find the person with whom we fall in love with, he or she suddenly becomes our whole world but sometimes we tend to ignore the other people around us that care for us, love us and are there for us.  and it has been seen that most of the people that actually take a back step when we do not care about the people around us are mostly our friends. We often lose our friends because we do not care or give time to the relationship and so today we present you some points as how your friendships can get affected by your relationship.

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How Friendships can get affected by Relationship


  1. Not enough time

If you are not spending enough time with your friends anymore like you used to do then there is a chance that your friendship is being affected by your relationship. Yes,  you won’t be able to spend the same amount of time that you used to before having a relationship in your life with your friends now but you should at least make a little bit of time for your friends too.

You need to realise that you cannot ignore your friends or not talk to them or not meet them anymore just because you have a new person in your life with whom you are in love with you cannot let any new person change the dynamics of the old relations that you have had in your life before that person had entered. A new relationship should never ever decrease the importance of other people and other relations in your life.



  1. Taking them granted


Just because you have a new person in your life with whom you have fallen in love with does not mean that it gives you or anyone the liberty of taking the other people in your life for granted. You need to know this fact very clearly that no new person or even old one cannot ever replace the other person in your life and that someone’s importance in your life should never be less because now a new person has entered your life.

Everyone has there has their own importance in your life and it is disrespectful in a way that a person does not hold the same importance or the same value in your life as he or she used to do just because now a new person who seems to be more interesting  has entered your life or because it is exciting to meet a new person. ‘It actually hurts everyone when the place is given to another person ‘and they do not hold the same meaning and importance in your life anymore.

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  1. Not being there anymore

    Relationships affect Friendship

You see, like you need a person in your life with whom you can share your pain and your fear or like your secrets. In similar ways,  your best friend also needs that person who can play these roles in his or her life and because they are your friends so it is your duty that you be with them when they need you or want your help.

Even, one day when you would like suffer from a heartbreak obviously your friend will be the first person that shall come into your mind to tell and share your pain with. So as you need them they also need you to be there for them because no matter what relation it is it requires efforts from both ends and it is necessary that one keeps this in mind that you have to be there for your friends when they need you even if now you have a new personal life that loves you or whom you love. That should never decrease the importance of other people in your life.

This was Manavta Kaundinya here to talk about how your new relationship can affect your friendship. Hope you liked the post. Have you faced any such thing in your life?? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section below.

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